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Part One

An Adventure












Chapter I





When I and Firestar were dragonets we would chase each other around the Whispering forest which was pretty big compared to the rest of the forests in Erapelous. Tons of elves, fairies, Will-O-The-Wisp, trolls, goblins, pixies and centaurs live here. There is also Kappa and kelpie pond. Here lives a kelpie and a kappa. As you might think according to its name ha! A kelpie is a beautiful, grey water horse with a black mane and sharp teeth. They trick humans into riding them with their beauty. Then they leap into the water to drown and eat them. A kappa is smaller than a kelpie. They have the face, legs, arms and tail of a monkey. Then, shell and scales of a turtle. They love eating cucumbers but will also eat a human child if given the choice.

We no longer have a kelpie. She died. Well, more of killed. You will quickly find out why.

I was a bright dragonet. I mean I was no… What do humans call smart people? Einstein? Yea I will just go with that. Anyway, so I and Firestar were one day chasing each other around the Whispering forest and trying to catch fairies. After we caught enough we would make them dance. We thought it was so funny! I have no idea why. We were dragonets. We thought a lot of things were amusing.

We were running after the fairy that would lead us to the fairy village. She kept muttering to herself.

   “Have to warn the others! Have to warn the others!”

 I and Firestar were making quite a ruckus chasing behind her well hidden in the undergrowth and bushes. We could hear the chittering of fairies in the distance. The fairy we were chasing flew into the middle of the village.

   “Everyone hide! Hurry! They are coming hide!” She screamed.

Another fairy flew up to her.

   “Petal settle down! Who is coming,” she asked.

   “Sun and Moon…” Petal said.

For some reason, they called us Sun and Moon. Even though that is not our names. We stopped running just before we entered the village. The whole village froze and everything was quiet. All I could hear was the beating of the fairies wings. Then I accidentally stepped on a twig.

   “The beasts are here,”I heard the other fairy say.

I and Firestar started running circles around the village confusing them of where we were. Firestar was on the other side and we only passed every once in a while. Three dumb fairies tried to fly to their tree stump. With a flash of red, the fairies were gone. Firestar caught the three. I clawed my way up a tree and snatched a fairy out of the air. Firestar ended up catching three more while I only caught one more. One fairy came close to where I was in the underbrush. I lept at it but I missed and it flew into the sky. I ran into the opening.

   “You come back here before I bite off your face!” I screamed. Firestar walked out from the other side of the village.

   “Nightshear you can’t get to him to bite his face off,” he said.

   "Well, he did not know that!” I yelled.

I and Fire took a sack that was hanging from our necks off. Firestar unzipped his, gently reached in and grabbed a fairy. He stroked his claw through its long blond hair.

   “How many did you get,” I asked.

   “Six. What about you?”

   “Only two. Do you think we can catch any more,” I asked.

Firestar shrugged and looked up at the sky.

   “Maybe on our way out we could grab another,” he said.

Petal started flying around screaming that they were all gonna die. When she came close enough I lept into the air and wrapped my talons around the fairies small body. I shoved her in the sack and put the strap on my neck.

   “Or now,” he said with a laugh.

I and Firestar went to Kappa and kelpie pond. Then, drenched the fairies in the water so they could not fly away. We set them on the ground and I and Fire looked at them contently.

   “Ok fairies dance!” I yelled.

Petal stepped forward glaring at me.

    “How are you going to make us,” she asked pointing her small finger at me. She had a tiny snake wrapped around her wrist. It seemed to be glaring at me also. Firestar straightened his neck and sat patiently waiting for what happened next. I grinned my fangs showing I opened my jaw and just as quickly shut it on the fairy. The other fairies jumped back and Firestar’s tail twitched as if he wanted to do the same thing.

   "So, is their any more questions?" Firestar asked.

   One fairy took a step forward but saw Firestar’s green tongue flick in and out and jumped back. The fairies started dancing, and I and Firestar started laughing.

So, we did this not knowing the kelpie was watching us. She was as evil as evil can come. Supposedly. Then she showed herself. Her mane glistened, and her hide sparkled in the small gaps of sunlight struggling to get through the leaves. Then she spoke. She spoke like one thousand serpents trying to deceive you, but also calm and mystical.

   "Hello, dragonets."

I and Firestar jumped. I glared at the kelpie not knowing what she was at the time.

   “We do not have regular horses that can talk here in Erapelous,” I shouted.

The kelpie kept her sly, evil, grin.

   “Yes. Maybe, but I am not a regular horse. Also even if I was, what would make you think I did not escape being the prey of an Erapelous predator? I am a… Err… Hornless unicorn!”

  "Like I said; horses can't talk. Also no scratch marks," I replied. "Unicorns are white. Also, they do not go anywhere near the Kappa kelpie pond. OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE A KELPIE!!!

The kelpie then glared at me for ruining her fun.

   “Great job! You cracked the case! Now hold still so I can eat you!”                       

I and Firestar jumped to our feet baring our fangs.

   “Leave us alone,” Firestar squeaked. He waved his tail which had a flaming tip. Mine was just barbed on one side. We flapped our small wings helplessly. They were not strong enough to lift us off the ground yet. The kelpie lept on me. Then she ripped my right wing. I shrieked in pain. Turquoise, dragon blood started pouring out of the wound. Firestar tried to help but the kelpie just shoved him out of the way. She pinned me down under one of her hooves, my little chest aching from her weight. I started feeling dizzy. Then I heard a dragon roar from overhead. I saw the silhouette, of a huge adult dragon. Then I passed out. Afterward, I did not remember anything from being a dragonet except for that event and after. I slept for ten days. When I had woken my dad, Firestar, my three-year-old little sister Luna, and of course Galexia was there. Firestar saw me waking up first and his eyes widened. He flapped his wings in excitement.

   “She is waking up,” He yelled.
All that stuff was all so long ago… Let's move forward to high school. The worst and best years of my life.


I was having the weirdest dream. Where I slept for ten years not days and several other weird things. I woke up to a big crash. When I opened my heavy eyelids I saw Bluemoon (My maid, a griffin) on the floor covered in my fire ruby collection.

   "So sorry Nightshear! I was in such a hurry I kind of crash-landed," she said.

I yawned.

   “Firestar is back from his hunting trip on earth early.”

I fell out of my golden goose feather bed.

   “Oh my gosh! Really? Today? Now?”

  “Yes. I saw him and his family heading to their cave earlier.”

I ran to the entry of my doorway but tripped on the silver helmet that belonged to a knight.

   “Umm... Should you clean your room first?”

   “No,” I sneered.

I ran through the hallway. I felt someone grab my tail. I tried to keep running but they had a tight grip.

   “Dad! Let go!”

I turned around to see my fathers dark orange face. He sat on his haunches and examined his talons.

   “Where do you think you are going? It is not the time for school yet. I know you. You would never go to school early. This does not have anything to do with Firestar. Does it?"

I moaned. My dad does NOT like Firestar.

   “Well… Maybe. No. Actually yes.” I responded.

He lashed his tail on the ground.


I scrunched up into a little ball to make myself look smaller. Before I could answer Firestar flew in through one of the windows.

  "Hello, Lightningflare! Can I borrow your daughter for a while? Actually like all day. I promise we will not cut heads off of chocolate villagers this time. Actually, I can't promise that." He said.

And that is why my dad does not like Firestar. He gets in as much trouble as me, and my dad thinks he is the reason why I cause trouble. He landed next to me.

   “Hey Night wanna go tease Mysty,” Firestar asked.


   "No! You guys can't go annoy or kill unicorns when you feel like it," My dad yelled.

Firestar tilted his head curiously.


   “Because they are living things!”

Firestar gasped

   "What? Are they? I never knew that" he said sarcastically. "Ok bye Lightningflare! Come on Night!" 

I tried not to laugh. While my dad was not paying attention, and processing what Fire said to him I yanked my tail from his grip, and ran after Firestar. I gave my dad an I win smile and darted out of the castle. The sun was bright and it took a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust. Firestar brushed his wing against mine.

   “I can’t believe you are going to be the queen of this someday."

    “Me neither,” I responded. We stood for several minutes. “Do you wanna go see Charlie I have lots of cucumbers.”

   “Yea sure.”

We headed for the Kappa and kelpie pond. The kappa came out of the water

   “Hi Charlie,” Firestar greeted him.

   "Hello Nightshear, Firestar."

I showed Charlie the cucumbers I brought with me. He dove back into the water and resurfaced with two seal pups.  He handed them to me, and Firestar. I gave him the cucumbers. We talked for a long bit of time while I and Firestar ate the seals and Charlie ate the cucumbers.

Then, I and Firestar headed to school. We walked through the large cave. There were several lanterns and holes in the stone for light.

  “I have physical ed first Fire. What about you,” I asked.

   "Same here. OH, KELPIES! I forgot my homework! AUGH! Night will you cover for me? I will not be long!"

   “Wait we had homework? Uhh yeah sure I guess I could cover for you,” I replied.

I and Firestar don't like kelpies because of what one did to my wing and I can never fly. So we replace swear words with kelpie. It makes it funnier and we don't get in trouble.

Firestar darted off. Luna is in my physical ed class also so I looked for her to see what homework was.

   “Hey! Luna! My best sister in the whole wide world!”

   "What do you want? Also, I am your only sister," was her response.

   “Did we have homework for physical ed?”

   “All predators have to kill a fantasy animal and bring it back to class.” She lifted up a jackalope.

   “How is that homework for PE?!?”

   “Hunting. Making sure we know how. Part of being healthy”

   "Oh… Ok, be right back!"

 I bolted out of the school. Ran into the Whispering forest killed a fairy and ran back to school. All the students were in class. I walked into the room were my PE class was being held. Firestar was still not there. Everyone was sitting.

   "Nightshear! You are late again! This is not acceptable! And where may I ask is your partner in crime?" Mr.Grimace scolded. (He is my PE teacher and a griffin. I and Firestar call him Mr. Grim face.)

   "Umm, he is on his way."

 I looked around the room and saw each predator had a dead fantasy animal next to them. The few non-carnivorous animals were in a corner shaking in fear and staring at the dead creatures. Mr.Grimace sighed.

"Well, at least you did your homework."

 Then Firestar walked in. He had a fairy in his talon.  He also had glitter all over his face. The class laughed. He frowned.

   “I hate fairies,” He mumbled under his breath.

He wiped the glitter off his face.

  "Well class because these two are late we will be taking a pop quiz," Mr.Grimace announced. Even though he was clearly already planning on it.


   “So not fair.”

   “If they were smaller I would kill them.”

   “It’s all their fault,” several animals shouted. Firestar did not seem to mind.

   “What kind of test is it,” is all he said,

   “School rules,” Mr.Grimace answered.

   “I am good at breaking them,” I lied. I was actually very good following the rules.

The class sat up and walking to the testing room. Predators leaving their kill behind. When we got to the small part of the cave each student sat behind a smooth wooden block like desk thing. On it was a couple piece of paper, with ink. Dragons had to use their claws for writing, while others got to use pens. SO NOT FAIR! Mainly because it takes a lot of work to get pens. To make them I mean. So, creatures who can use something else do.

   "Ok, class you can start… Now."

We turned over the papers. We also had a blank paper I have no idea why. I read the first question; What is the number one school rule? I knew that one. No killing other students on school grounds. I had not even finished writing: Always kill other students on the school ground. When I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw Luna. She gave me a piece of paper. I read it. When we get home I am telling dad, and he will kill you!

I gave the paper to Firestar along with a: Look what Luna gave me! HA!HA! P.s. I drew Mr.Grim face, not Luna... I also added a picture of Mr.Grimace looking super stupid, drooling, and cross-eyed.

   “Nightshear do I see you passing notes. Why don't you stand up and read it to the class.”

I stood up and pretended to sneeze shooting out a flame of fire, turning the paper to ash.

   "Oops. Sorry, guess I can't." I replied.

   “Go to the principal's office now!”

   “Wait. No! It was me! I passed the note!” Firestar shouted

   "No, it was me!"

We went back and forth. With Mr.Grimace not knowing who to believe he sent us both.

   “Fire I was the one who did it. Why did you do that?” I asked.

   “Because I care about you. Also to get out of doing the quiz,” He answered.

I laughed a little and punched his shoulder. We stood at the principles cave entrance. It had spikes and it was eerily quiet. Also dark.

   “Hello,” Fire asked.

A centaur appeared in the doorway.

  “Why is it that I was expecting you,” he said.

   “Because Mr.Grimace sends us for the tiniest things,” I told him.

We walked into the room showing the light inside but looked dark from the outside to look creepy.

   “So, what did you do this time?”

   “Passing notes,” Firestar said. “He made us take a pop quiz of school rules.”

Then the principal started talking on and on about how that it is not ok to write notes. I was looking him over. He saw me and started shuffling uneasily.

   “It looks like you are gonna eat me,” He joked.

   “I am deeply considering it," I smiled with a large grin. He grabbed hold of the handle of the sword which was in a sheath across his shoulder. Dragons do not like swords. All the fairy tails we hear about humans killing dragons to save princesses are killed by swords. (Quick, by the way, we are never planning on killing the knight or the princess. Just the horse the knight rides. It is a simple and easy trap. Although others have been known to get killed. Like the knight for example. But then they just send another. Also, we can not go to earth without the king's permission. I can’t go without my dad. He lets Firestar and his family go anytime they want. So to keep me and Firestar apart) Firestar saw him reaching for the sword and moved his flaming tipped tail closer to the principle. His eyes flashed back and forth from me to Firestar.

   “Just leave,” he said. “I don’t want trouble.”

   "You don't want to die," I corrected him. I and Firestar walked out of the room knowing we had won. Then we heard him yell from his office.

   “You are both expelled!”

I and Firestar looked at each other in panic. Our parents were gonna kill us! We had the rest of the school day to come up with a plan. We headed to our hunting class. This class would have made more sense for the homework of killing a fantasy animal. There were several caves. One for each species. I saw the one with unicorns marked beside the entrance. I looked at Firestar’s face and I could tell he was thinking the same thing from the smug, toothy grin on his face.

   “It is not like we can get in any more trouble," he said

He was right. We walked in. Several unicorns were searching in different places in the cave for lollipops.  A unicorn named Mysty saw us.

   “Unicorns only,” she yelled. “Especially no dragons!!!”

Several unicorns jumped at hearing the word; dragon. I just smiled as did Firestar. One of the unicorns narrowed her eyes at Firestar.

   “You ate my brother!” She screamed at him.

   "Excuse me," He asked.

   “About two weeks ago! You came and swooped down grabbed my brother and ate him!”

Firestar thought for a minute.

   "OH! You mean that weird blue colored unicorn? Yeah, that was me. I wonder if you taste as good," he teased. 

He smiled. Several were glaring at us. I eyed all the unicorns sharp horns. Maybe this was not such a good idea… I roared and all the unicorns ran out of the cave screaming. I rubbed the back of my neck.

   “That was only supposed to make them shut up… Not exactly how I planned that to work out.”

So, we went to our class. Several other dragons were there. Firelily was one. (Princess of the darkbloods, black scales with several pink ones, lathered in jewelry, super pretty, super popular, my mortal enemy.)Most of the other dragons I did not really recognize. Then a prince walked through the entrance. It felt like talons squeezing my heart.


Erapelous/Chapter 1
I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my story. I am going to try to post one chapter a week at least. Ummm... So, I will also be drawing a new cover. Sorry this one is not very... Good is the best way to put. OK HOPE U LOVE IT!
Ok, so I just found a new technique for drawing my dragons. My snouts are different is all. The now have a snout more of like... A beak maybe is the best way to put it. SO my newer ones will be MUCH better. Hopefully. Looking back I am like AUGH! My older ones are horrible even thought they are not that old. But Yeah... So I hope you like my new ones! :) I also am going to try to figure out a way to add the book I am writing to my feed.
Dragon talon
Probably one of my best sketches. Of course that also means most of them are not very good lol
Cloud the griffin cub
I was very excited because I can't draw feathered animals and I did on this so I was a little to happy.
Lone dragon
Idk I drew it then edited it this is what came out of it.


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